Thursday, February 6, 2014

Praying for Our Husbands (part 3)

So far we have prayed for his mind, his eyes, up next… his ears!

I know for myself what I listen to has a big impact on me. I am irritated by little noises, like the ticking of a clock (time is just tick-tick ticking away!), or someone that makes mouth noises when they chew! Once we sat in front of this older couple in church & during the message all I could hear was this man behind me snapping his gum!!! I actually had to pray for God to close my ears to that distracting sound so I could pay attention to what the pastor was saying! Right or wrong… I tend to have the TV or music going all the time just to have noise in the house. But there are those moments when God says, “Enough is enough… just take the time to be quiet with Me.”

“Those whose hearts understand what is right get knowledge.
    The ears of those who are wise listen for it.” Proverbs 18:15

Our husbands can have a lot of noise coming at them during the day, the buzzing alarm clock, the phone ringing, honking horns, complaining co-workers, irate customers, kids screaming, & yes, even the naturally talkative voice of their loving wife! In all this hub-bub of the day, we need to pray that God will lead them to not hear what is harmful & to take in what is good & uplifting. And even more importantly, that they would hear the Holy Spirit speaking to them from the inside… God’s gentle whisper can speak way above the noise of the day when a wife prays this for her husband.

The heart of the home maybe the wife, but a God honoring husband will lead the home in the right direction! God is doing great things in our families, ladies… keep up the good work!

Rejoicing in Truth!


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