Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Change... Time Well Spent!

I was reading (in)courage this morning… it was called, “When Your Christmas Season Includes Change.” Wow! Just what I am going through! During the times of change I can tend to look at it as bad (grievous) when I should actually looking at it as a time for grace. I have to admit that I grow the most during times of change… I allow myself to be drawn closer to God & live in His presence more! When I look at change like that it seems so much sweeter! It is not something being done to me, but something being done for me.

I have been upset that our Christmas was not going to be the way we traditionally do it. So my choice was either to be miserable over it or just give it my everything day by day… one day at a time! Christmas is going to come whether I have things the way I want it or not! Right?

The last year & a half we have spent a lot of time waiting, even more so in the last six months… moving along with baby-steps at times! I was reminded today about the anticipation of the first Christmas. Hundreds & hundreds of years before Christ was born, a prophecy was spoken about His coming (Isaiah 9). People lived their lives in anticipation of that day, but they never saw it happen in their lifetime! When He did come… what a change that day brought! He gave up His place in Heaven to come to this sinful world to rescue us! One precious little baby carried in the womb of one young virgin woman that brought the greatest change ever! Did Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, look at this change as something to grieve or did He only see this as an act of grace? When I think of change in this way it puts a whole new spin on things for me. 

I know everyone has something they are going through that is bringing change… unanswered questions, illness, financial stress, for me it is waiting to find the right house to call home again. One thing is for sure… in these uncomfortable times of change, God never changes. His promises ring true! Your God before this change is your same God after this change! And His presence is so much sweeter in unknown territory.

My hubby & I have spent a lot of time waiting over the last few months… waiting for an inevitable change. Two failed house purchases left me feeling deflated & ready to just stop looking for awhile… after all we were running out of houses that fit our criteria for the B&B.  I knew God would come through, because we knew His promises to us, but maybe this was not the right time. Luke was not feeling the same about stopping, so I asked him, “Is a house gonna drop from the sky?” A few minutes later he noticed he had voicemail… the voicemail was from a builder who had a house for sale by owner. Luke had inquired about this house the day before through a property for sale type website. We decided to do a “drive-by” to see what it looked like & where it was at. Of course we had to get out & peek in the windows & immediately I told Luke, “You have to call this man back!” The builder came & met us at the house within minutes.  As we walked through this unfinished house, I had a “jaw-dropping God is so amazing” moment or should I say moments!? It was absolutely crazy… God-crazy! Luke & I both knew we were home!

It was in that first walk-through of this house God made His vision for the B&B/retreat center so much clearer to both of us! I still am having a hard time grasping all the little details God “put” into this house to display His love to me! Please, don’t get me wrong… I know God’s greatest Gift of Love was His Son & that is more than enough, but I believe just like I love to do little things for the ones I love… He also shows His love in little ways too! Only His little ways are jaw-dropping!

BTW - When we put the offer on the first house, this new house was not even started to be built! We were to close on the second house on Monday & the new house was not even listed until Tuesday! This new house is built as a “spec” house, which means it is built just to sell… it has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, & 10 acres of land! Like it was being built just for us & we believe it was! (wink)

A faith-builder during change... we see the impossible, but God sees all things possible!

Rejoicing in Truth!