Thursday, February 16, 2017


John 9:25 says, “One thing I know, I was blind, but now I see.” These are the words of the man who was blind from birth, who Jesus healed. This was the man’s answer as the religious leaders questioned him on why Jesus would do this on the Sabbath. It is pretty clear that the formerly blind man didn’t care what day of the week it was… only that he was made whole!

So I questioned myself after reading this… Are there things in my life that are causing me spiritual blindness? Or are there things that God has done in my life to remove my “blindness” I have not been willing to share to bring Him glory?

To testify… serve as evidence or proof of something's existing or being the caseDoes my life… does your life reflect enough evidence for proof of God’s faithfulness & goodness? Some days are so much harder than other days… I definitely get that! But even in those not so great moments… are we living proof of who God is?

Over this past weekend, my hubby, Luke, & I had the privilege to lead the first/our first marriage retreat at Camp Living Waters in Luther, Michigan. It was amazing for us! Not sure how it was for the attendees, but for us… we just cannot comprehend how or why God allowed us the opportunity! Father God is just so good & so faithful… He can take 2 broken people, both of us having our first marriages fail, surviving the devastation of infertility, letting Him mold us & make us into what could be used for His glory, bringing us together for now almost 27 years, to share about our marriage with Christ as the “knot” holding us together! All I can say is, “Wow!” I don’t share any of this to shine a light on Luke or me, but to praise God for His never ending mercy and grace! The only part we played in this was to have willing hearts and to be obedient. It was much work and a lot of stretching… but oh so good!

So I say with the former blind man… “I was blind but now I see.” What about you? Are there areas in your life that have been blinded from seeing who God is or who He wants to be in your life? I thank God that He is making me aware of these areas, and I know He will continue doing His work in me as I am willing to step forward on His path for my life.

I talked with a woman over the weekend who was struggling with wanting God to show more of how the path looked. Living or walking by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7)… it is so hard when we are looking through our human eyes and not letting Holy Spirit guide our spiritual eyes! We always have to remember, if we could see the whole path clearly, then we would need God.

Father God, Thank You for revelation. Thank You for Your healing. Thank You for opening blind eyes to see more of who You are. I ask You to help my unbelief… to trust You more when I cannot see what may be next. Lord, keep me looking only to You for the answers. Give me a willing heart and boldness to testify of Your greatness in my life. I pray for each person reading this… let Your Light shine brighter in those shaded areas to bring You glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Once again, God is just impressing on my heart how important testimonies are. I can remember so clearly how impactful hearing peoples’ testimonies in church when I was growing up were to me. If the Lord is doing something in your life… share it! Now, if you are willing… please share a testimony of blind eyes being opened or an area where you could use some prayer. I once was blind and now I see!

Rejoicing in Truth! 
Carin 💖