Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Muddy Moments...

Have you ever come to a time in your life where it feels like you have been stripped away of almost everything that you know & are familiar with??? In some ways, I really feel like I am there. Just when I think I am making headway & connections… it seems like I am back to square one!

I have been pretty self-sufficient in my way of thinking & doing things… rarely letting what others think have an influence over me. God has blessed me with natural abilities, talents, & lots of stick-to-itiveness… or is the bull-headedness??? I have been aware of my abilities, aware of my strengths, & oh so aware of my weaknesses, which has brought me to many good & successful moments in my life. Realizing that none of this would have been possible without God’s guidance! I can also see God’s “green light” in new endeavors… even when I wish He would put on the “red light”… but He knows best… Right?

This I know… my love for Father has brought me to this point! His love for me & for you is greater than anything imaginable. He has placed compassion in my heart for those living without knowing Him. He has asked me to trust Him as He guides me down unfamiliar roads. He knows that my burden for others to know His love… to live in fullness of joy will be a difference maker in my life & in others’ lives as well.

Here is my struggle with this… I am not always able to get this message across! I have so much passion in my heart for people to know they are loved… that God loves them! To have them experience how special they are in God’s eyes! I have prayed for God to let me see others through His eyes… and those moments when I get just a glimpse of that… WOW! It has changed my outlook! The hardest part for me is when people don’t want it for themselves. I can want all the goodness in the world for someone, but I cannot force them to receive it!

My heart is a little heavy… I am fighting off discouragement. There are 2 events I am involved with coordinating in the next month & it feels like I am at a stand-still. It is not about putting on the events… it’s about getting people interested in coming… to see how much more God has for them. That’s the thing, when you try to do new things… it is a risk! And trying to control what I have no control over is a cause for anxiety in my life. Here is what the Holy Spirit reminded me of… “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer & supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6

The truth is, no matter what happens with these events… I am being obedient! If only one person shows up… then I will pour out God’s love on that one person! God knows my heart… it is not about me… it is all about Him! I will give Him glory no matter what!

Obedience to the Lord will never be seen as failure!

Sometimes when you step out of your comfort zone, you will step in the mud… but that is okay, ‘cuz God will turn that mess into a message to be used for Him! Not a message in a bottle, but a message in a puddle! It will be worked for good!

Rejoicing in Truth!.

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